Home Building

With over 30 years in the industry, Chris McKain of McKain Builders has built a reputation as a master builder. The McKain Builders crew focuses on doing things the right way with the right people in the right amount of time. We take pride in organizing our work force to best suit your needs, to make sure your project vision comes to reality.

Chris and Colleen work with their clients from start to finish, from the initial meeting where listening to our client’s dreams takes center stage, to devising a unified plan, to putting that plan into action as the project is built from start to finish. Chris, Nick and Brennan are on-site, not just monitoring each phase of the job, but crafting your project with their own hands. Colleen assists our clients every step of the way, as she is there to answer questions, guide you through the decision-making processes, and the assist you with the many detailed selections, from floor coverings to faucets.

Teamwork is truly the dream work, and McKain Builders is on your team.